About Firing Squad Media

What is Firing Squad Media?

Firing Squad Media is the banner in which an eclectic collection of content sits under.

Podcast? We have one.
More of a visual person? Don’t worry we got you.
Like the written word? We have plenty.

It started with our film based podcast ‘Fistful of Mics’, but we eventually decided to stop making jokes about movies and start making our own under the Royal Bird/Higgins Film Society.

So come on in, take a seat, stay awhile. Take a ride with us and explore the weird and stupid stuff that we do.

Who are the Firing Squad?

I know what you’re thinking; “who are these pop-culture loving nerds? So knowledgeable! So humorous! So creative!”. And you’d be right for thinking that.

Tommy Higgs and Paulie B are the Firing Squad, forming opinions so you don’t have to. We are just two creative types that got together one day and said “F@#k it, wanna start a podcast?”. So we formed the Firing Squad Media Company and the rest is history.

With backgrounds in journalism and film, the two share a passion for storytelling. Anything from films to video games, you can bet that we will have an opinion on it. Probably.